Monday, October 12, 2009

Health Insurance Premiums Rising?

There it is!
Now we have it!
Premiums on the rise as usual!

I am pretty sure those Health Insurance companies who ordered a review from Price-Waterhouse-Coopers are thinking it was a clever move.

And they say what's wrong with Healthcare-Reform:
If they have to take people who have been ill, of course it is more expensive.
If they have to pay for illness instead of denying, of course it is more expensive.
If they can't dismiss people with serious illness, of course it is more expensive.
What are they thinking?
One thing they got: Health Insurance for everybody is a good thing, generates more revenue.
But they say there have to be higher penalties for people who do not buy health insurance.
Does this really help?

In my opinion this is now the case to go for public option.
Whatever will be the result of the Healthcare bill negotiations and go into law, the private Health Insurance Companies are able to rise their premiums as promised now and as done before.
Now a public option is the only thing what helps to go out of this dead-beat situation.
Does this mean the destruction of private Health Insurance Companies?

Now, it does not.
Because this is a free country.
Health Insurance Companies can offer better services for higher Premiums.
This is how it works in other civilized countries.
Public Option and private Health Insurance complement each other.
That works!
Private Health Insurance get their clientele with better service based on higher Premiums.
The public option is open for everybody who needs Health Insurance at affordable Premiums.

But wait, there is more:
There is one holy cow nobody touches, because it would require a Revolution.
What is it?
Very simple - this has to be the new law: If you have a Health Insurance, you are allowed to stay with it, your whole life, doesn't matter where you live, doesn't matter for whom you work, and - that would be another revolution - you can stay with your Health Insurance in case you loose your job, you have to pay a special affordable Premium in this case.

If this Revolution is done, private Health Insurances don't have to worry about loosing their clients because of changing job or moving half a mile across the border to another state.
And there is no fear of pre-existing conditions fraud any more, because everybody stays with his Health Insurance.
This is how it works in other civilized countries.

But I have to admit, it is not possible in the United States. It is too complicated.

But wait, there is more!
Here is the real thing:
Complaining about Penalties being to low is one thing. Thinking about real solutions is another.

Did anybody think about the effect of this penalty-law?
Who is setting the penalty and how is a person found who does not buy Health Insurance?
This is a free country.
Does finding a person who does not buy Health Insurance will be based on denunciation - like they did it under the "Third Reich" and other fascist regimes?
Or will there be a government authority to list all these persons who do not buy Health Insurance?
This is a free country.
For this penalty case there has to be established a big bureaucracy to sift everyone of our 308 million citizens to find out who is buying Health Insurance and who is not buying.
This bureaucracy has to be established forever, because everyday somebody may change his mind.

What a bureaucracy that will be!

This is wasted effort and wasted tax payers money.
And it gets even more complicated when people do not have a job to pay for Health Insurance Premiums.

Is this a free country?

Are you thinking about a better solution?
May be you are the only one.
I never heard someone complaining about this penalty thing - wait a minute - yes, I heard complaining that the penalties will not be high enough. Does that help to cure people?

Don't give up.
There is a better solution.
In my opinion it will work without penalty, but if people like penalties, okay, then use penalties.

What is the better solution?
Consider the statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau: Nearly 27 million businesses in the United States! There we can save taxpayers money by making Health Insurance mandatory for every employee.
This is how it works in other civilized countries.

To make Health Insurance mandatory for every job is much more efficient and much less costly and does not waste tax payers money.

It is pure Mathematics:
The number of employers is only a fraction of the number of US-Citizens, and the numbers of employees and workers are already in the Government Databases. Imaging how much time and effort will be saved to only care about employers compared to check every United States Citizen!
Family members and Children should be insured with their parents until they get a job.
Solutions for part time jobs are possible, no question.

Premiums have to be paid, but where is the money coming from?
For most of us, money to pay premiums comes from a job.
Therefore it is totally important that every employment contract and every labor contract includes Health Insurance!

To get affordable Health-Insurance it is totally important to get Health-Insurance for as much people as possible, healthy and ill, rich and poor - this mix guaranties low Premiums based on Solidarity.

This is pure Mathematics.

Don't build a surveillance state as Orwell predicted!
There are better things to do for intelligent people:
End war and poverty!
Universal Health Insurance!
Health Insurance for everybody!



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