Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Senator

When I asked my question "Is this country really a Christian country?" two days ago, adapting by way of exception the "Credo" from Sojourner, I did not know that Senator Ted Kennedy would leave our world that very night.

But my Credo reached Senator Arlen Specter through Sojourner, and he wrote back to me thanking me for contacting his office regarding health care reform, and wrote he appreciates hearing from me. To thank him for his email and to let him know what is important for me with Health Care, I answered his email, but it could not be delivered. So I followed his invitation to look onto his website - there I recognized he is a very busy man and he has a lot of duties on his schedule.

Not to have written in vain, I let you know my email I liked to write to him:

Dear Senator,
Thank you so much for answering my email through Sojourner. I am glad that you are really caring for Health-Care Reform and for the people of this country. I saw your town hall meeting and those accusations you had to bear have been disgusting. It seems to be it is not easy to convince people for the better. It is unbelievable that people are following what demagogues told them.

But is it true that the United States is the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee access to health care as a right of citizenship?

It is so easy to understand - if somebody thinks about it - how to lower Health Insurance Premiums: The broader the mix of insured people - poor and rich, healthy, less healthy, and even ill, the better the financial burden can be shared. This is pure Mathematics - and it is called Solidarity.

It is a shame that companies earn a fortune by squeezing ill people or people with so called preconditions out of health insurance. It is a shame and it should be forbidden that companies are living on the expenses of people who need health insurance. As long as this is the case, it is only natural, that payments will be denied and that people with preconditions have to pay a fortune or do not get any health insurance at all.

It is totally important to have non-profit Health-Insurance-Companies who really take care of the people in need of medical treatment instead of taking care of the shareholders. And even more, these companies should be supervised by a parliament of representatives of the insured people, which is obvious.

If nothing is done, premiums will rise, and with raising premiums less people can afford Health Insurance, so in this case premiums are always on the raise, until the system collapses. If nothing is done, the United States Health Insurance System is shoveling it's own grave.

Health Insurance has to be mandatory for everybody to make premiums affordable! Health Insurances shall have a mix of wealthy and poor people, of healthy and ill people, this mix, based on solidarity, guarantees cost compensation and makes premiums depending on the paying abilities of the insured possible! There have to be nonprofit Health Insurance Providers, to fully support people in need instead of insurance stakeholders. If there are Nonprofit Health Insurance Providers in the portfolio, it will be easier to get votes for a Government Health Insurance, too, because in this case a choice can be made between Nonprofit, Government, and Private Health Insurance.

The ongoing debate about Health Care Reform shows that our country itself needs healing. Recently I read that young people do not buy Health Insurance, they see themselves as immortal or as dying early anyway. As you write, ensuring all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care coverage is essential for the health and future of our Nation. Instead of a punishing tax for people who are not buying insurance Health Insurance should be mandatory - car insurance is mandatory, why not Health Insurance?

Thanks for your good work!
Take care, take Health Care!


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