Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Failure of Capitalism

On March 24, 2009, Bernard Bernanke answered at the House Hearing on A.I.G. to a question of Ron Paul of Texas that he doesn’t believe this was a failure of capitalism, but financial systems can be prone to booms and busts and regulators were set up to mitigate those problems. And today, accidentally seeing Bernard Bernanke at CNBC, I heard him saying "this is a Failure of Capitalism", companies come and go, that's the way it is, and immediately pictures came up to me.

I am wondering if I am alone seeing this:
I am pretty sure, that everybody knows that there are ups and downs in each capitalistic system, and within other systems, too. Companies come and go, there are entrepreneurs who succeed and entrepreneurs who fail, everybody knows this.

People express their views and they tell me they like the American Capitalistic System and it is the best of the whole world, and it never should be changed - and I hear people telling me they are afraid of change, afraid the Government does change things, and they are against it.

Let's go back to the picture which came up to me. You know, I am a fan of Mathematics, because Mathematics show how things are related to each other, as I did explain in the case on Health Care.

Here the combination between my picture and mathematical relations: If a company, an entrepreneur fails, why have so many people to suffer with it?

Why are all these innocent, hard working people held hostage by the system and have to burden the results of the collapse, are punished with loosing their income, their health insurance and even their pension they worked for thirty years and more?

As I heard it is generally acknowledged that companies fail - as a result of the decisions of some, but why is it generally accepted that a vast number of people, who gave their best for these companies, but did not participate in these decisions which led to failing, are suffering then?

Why is there no Solidarity between people who do not suffer and people who do suffer?
Am I wrong and everybody is suffering? If this is so, then why? Where are the Christian Values to find which so many people who have been in control did say they have?

Why? Why? Why?

I encourage you to think about the situation we live in.
Of course, if I have a job, I should be happy, and I cannot do anything for somebody who had bad luck working for one of those companies who failed. Can I not? Can I?

Thing is, I can do something.
If I do nothing, may be the company I am working for is the next struggling.
Will there be somebody who helps me then?



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