Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trillion Dollar Business

Yes, you are right:
The Trillion Dollar Business is about the United States public debt.

Just two days ago I read a headline with the following text:
"Debt will bring Obama down
Manu Raju Manu Raju – Tue Jun 9, 7:25 pm ET
Republicans on Capitol Hill think they’ve finally found Barack Obama’s Achilles’ heel: rising public concern about government spending and the federal deficit...
When President George W. Bush left office, he left behind a $10.6 trillion national debt, which refers to the cumulative amount of money the government owes. That number now stands at $11.4 Trillion, according to the Treasury Department."

Isn't that strange that there are people in this country who instead of supporting try to jeopardize and sabotage our highly acclaimed new President who is working hard to lead this country from the verge of dispair into a bright future of a new Millenium?

And isn't it strange that these people are trying to achieve their mischievous goal just because our National Debt is rising less than 8%? Are they thinking people in this country are stupid and not able to do simple math? May be they rely on the public education as it is now and do not like the Presidents intentions to get the public education into better shape.

And isn't this attempt ridiculous, when you remember the former Presidents words, spoken on February 27, 2001, 2:10 P.M. EST at the Oval Office: "It does not make sense to pay down debt prematurely and, therefore, have to pay a premium on the debt that you pre-pay. And so we've calculated the amount of debt that our nation can pay off over the next 10 years, and that's $2 trillion, leaving about $800 billion unpaid." And there was even more like this!

What is all the fuss about? Steps are done by our Government to get our economy up and running again and debts will be paid off. This great Nation has the ability to do this and we have the right person on top.

But wait, there is more!

There is another Trillion Dollar Business!

Did you know that each single day, every day, about 2 Trillion Dollars are changing hands (or accounts) without moving a single part of merchandise? It is called foreign exchange market , short, Forex. Trading in New York accounted for 16.6% or 0.3 Trillion Dollars , that is more than $100 Trillion/year. Tax-free!

The International Trade Volume, connected to goods, is only 0.8% of this value!
The Forex is such a big business, only moving money, that Forex Automated Robots are used to do this electronically.

And there is the hatch:
For Managed Forex Accounts a Monthly Performance Fee is to be payed.
There is a fee to be paid, but no Tax. Working people who produce goods or do services for their living, have to pay taxes, even for tips!

And here is how to Pay Off Our Nation's Debt:
Look at those numbers. Our National Debt is $11.4 trillion now.
With a temporary 10% tax on United States Forex trading there will be a revenue of nearly $1 Trillion per month, the federal debt will be paid off within a little more than a year!

And finally, let's put it this way:
A temporary 10% tax is a generous gift of forgiveness for the damage Wall Street & Company generated !



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