Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take Care - Take on Health Care!

Today I was invited to attend a telephone conference with Senator Dodd, about the ongoing process of the Health Care law making. I was struck hearing him say that when former President Bill Clinton offered his Health Care plans, a poll immediately after his speech did show support of 90% of the American People, but then his opponents well-oiled scaring machinery started, and a few days later there was another poll showing only 30% support leftover.

Now different opinions are more in the open, and the holy cow is the income of the Health Insurance Companies based on payments of the American People who need Health Insurance and on the denial to give Health Insurance to people who have been ill and to deny payments for medical treatment as much as possible. Not all Health Insurance Companies are that way, but I am sure these with this attitude are the ones who do not like any public or self-organized mutual insurance.

But what has to be done, really? There are some points, which are mandatory to make Health Insurance affordable for everybody:

First of all, everyone has to have healthcare insurance. If everyone has healthcare insurance, individual premiums can be lower. This is pure Mathematics, which cannot be denied!

Second: It is a shame that companies earn a fortune by squeezing ill people or people with so called preconditions out of health insurance. It is a shame and it should be forbidden that companies are living on the expenses of people who need health insurance. As long as this is the case, it is only natural, that payments will be denied and that people with preconditions have to pay a fortune or do not get any health insurance at all. This is a system immanent flaw! Please recognize that!

Health insurance should only be allowed to be offered by nonprofit companies, only nonprofit companies will not have to choose between profit and payment for medical causes. There are countries with mutual health insurance companies, and these companies are supervised by representatives of the insured people (not by politicians, but by with secret ballot elected people).

Our Forefathers only could survive with solidarity, the times we now have are asking for solidarity again! Do not leave anyone behind.

Are you happy knowing that there are people being sick and living in tents or cardboard boxes like they do in India, but here in the United States?

How far have we come?



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