Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Time to Talk

Yes, it is time to talk!

We don't like to be exposed to Armageddon these days.
We like to live peacefully together ever after,
despite experiencing scary dialogues on Twitter between
the Presidents of the United States and North-Korea
about the chances of self-destruction.

President Trump warned  to send Kim Jong-un
fire and fury, the likes of which this world has never seen before”,
and Kim Jong-un answered with the promise
to attack the US airbase in the Pacific island of Guam
- in late August they will be ready.

This is a first signal for openness to negotiations.

Kim Jong-un did not answer with threatening New York or Washington,
but with threatening Guam, which is much nearer to his rocket base
 - and not immediately. They need some weeks for planning.

What does that mean? Kim Jong-un admits, intended or not,
that he is not able to threaten the US mainland now.

This is a big chance: It's time to talk!

Now Diplomats are needed who are able to seize this situation
and to arrange a meeting between US negotiators
and North-Korean negotiators on neutral ground,
let's say in Switzerland, where Kim Jong-un feels at home.

It is time to start unconditional, open-ended discussions on confidence-building measures.

Not long ago President Trump said he would be prepared to meet him over a hamburger.

President Tramp should stay to his promise!

And here is Plan B:
Doing nothing. Only wait and see.
President Trump does not have to send fire and fury.
He can wait now and see what Kim Jong-un is doing now.
May be he will prepare protecting Guam against the launching of Kim's attack. Kim Jong-un's announcement may look like fair play now.


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