Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Senator Casey

I got an email today from Senator Casey, and I liked to send an answer to him. But somehow is the Senator connection - not only to him - a one way street. My only chance to tell about my opinion is to put it here. So I do.

Dear Senator Casey,

Thanks for your response with all the facts about your
participation and involvement
I appreciate your email.

It is a good result that with the help of the Pakistani people Taliban criminals have been caught.
Since a long time I remember the Pinkerton Detective Agency - I read about their success when I was a kid - and I was wondering why instead of sending detectives to get those people a
huge military power
has been deployed killing people, most often civilians, even on weddings. I am sure that for each killed civilian there will be several civilians who decide to become a partisan then. History tells us that.

I know that the American Army is superior to the Russian Army, but there may be a defeat for the American Army, too, as it was for the Russians. This will be a big disaster, may be worse than Vietnam.

It is always important to remember history: Napoleon got defeated in Russia, and Hitler led the German Army into Russia the same way, and got a much worse defeat. Here in the United States people think, the American Army is superior, but that doesn't help as long as civilians are suffering.

The United States made a big mistake after all the help to the Afghan fighters to get rid of the Russians.
The United States should have helped to rebuild this country, as it was done with Germany and Europe after the German surrender in 1945. To make a living, Afghans started to grow and sell poppies instead.
The evil cycle began.

What I learned in life is that action results in reaction, and it is shown again in Afghanistan.
What is needed is a really intelligent approach - please don't be offended and don't take this personally - there is so much research available about peaceful (I mean peaceful, that means without using a peacemaker) conflict solutions, and there are so many groups worldwide which are training and trained for peaceful conflict solutions. We cannot afford to have a war forever. Nature (and BP) is showing us, that there are more important things to do than to kill our (often supposed) enemies. We have to have more friends, and there is no way to get a friend by putting a gun on his head.

NASA predicted huge solar-storms for 2012, and if you look into the history of solar-storms, you will find that the Canadian Niagara Falls electricity generation was badly damaged years ago, and that the Canadians invested billions of dollars into rebuilding and hardening their grid and equipment against another solar-storm coming up.

I predict that there will be a catastrophe here in the United States when these solar-storms are coming in 2012. A part of the electricity grid will be blown up, which means a blackout for a much larger area here than it was last time. The effect of the solar-storms will
blow into Nuclear Power Plants
and may blow up Nuclear Power Plants. Other countries have emergency plans to immediately switch off all Nuclear Power Plants when there is a solar storm coming. There is no rule about this here in the United States, as far as I know.

I do not understand why President Obama endorses building of new Nuclear Power Plants.
He should know that this doesn't make sense. Nuclear Power Plants make the United States vulnerable to terrorist attacks and do not help against a real threat to the power grid. There should be a push into Solar and Wind energy before it is too late. Solar and Wind energy will generate much more jobs than Nuclear Power Plants and make the United States independent from oil states and uranium mining states. Wind and sun are on our own soil.

When electricity is gone, there soon will be
no drinking water
in all our towns, all the frozen food will be gone very fast, and cars won't get gas at gas stations any more, to name only three of the many results.

I would be happy if you could spread the word for a better world.



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