Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Presidents Oil Crisis Speech Today

The Gulf catastrophe, today exactly for eight weeks now, is an awful destroying crisis, but at the same time a chance - hopefully or not - once in a century to change history.

But what is happening now?

This crisis makes the United States more vulnerable than all the neglected hints about the planned attacks on the World Trade Center nine years ago.

The greatest cost is the cost of inaction, to quote The White House Speaker.
And people all over the world are recognizing that our President looks like a paper tiger.
He does all what in his power, it is said - the meaning: it is not in his power to do something. Everybody can see this with this crisis now.
Sorry to write this, because I am admiring our President and his great social skills.
We should do something about dependency on oil - that means:
we should, but we don't, doesn't it?

April 29 - U.S. President Barack Obama pledges "every single available resource," including the U.S. military, to contain the spreading spill
... but that did not happen.

So it's clear for everybody what's going on.
I'm feeling pity, recognizing the situation.
Sorry about that.

But I learned exciting news:
Soon there will be cars powered by wind, sun, and rain!

To know what's really going on in this world, read George Orwell's epic "Nineteen Eighty-Four" strip off the garbage, and then you will find it.

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