Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ukraine - a Copy of Syria?

The Ukrainian Civil War is ongoing, so is ongoing the violence there.

We have to recognize that this war is a copy of the Syrian Civil War:
Both wars are proxy wars - Russia on one side, the United States at the other side. By the way, Ukrainian-made rifle cartridges are showing up in Syria's rebels hands...

The Ukrainian Government is asking for weapons from the United States to fight against uprising rebels supported with Russian weapons. Thousands of people died, ten thousands are rendered homeless. Arms from the outside would only invite escalations.

John McCain believes that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel doesn't care about the Ukrainian people, because she objects weapon delivery to Ukraine. His idea is to avoid slaughtering of Ukrainians by delivering weapons to the Ukrainian government.

The truth is, this is a civil war!

The Ukrainian army is killing Ukrainians, they are killing their own people! Assad's army does the same! With more weapons they will kill more of their own people. And, not to forget, the rebels - called "Terrorists" by the Ukrainian government, have unlimited support of Russian weapons. They always will have more and better equipment than the Ukrainian Army has. Following John McCain's suggestions, this will end up with a request for Nuclear Weapons by the Ukrainian government.

It is reported when President Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev met in Moscow in July 1991 to sign a nuclear arms reduction treaty (START-I) that called for both nations to make significant reductions in the number of nuclear warheads in their respective arsenals, that on his return to the United States, Bush stopped in Kiev, Ukraine, a hotbed of secessionist and anti-Gorbachev sentiment. Bush spoke to the Ukrainian Parliament and denounced “suicidal nationalism.”

A few days later, August 24, 1991, the Ukrainian Parliament declared its independence.

How farsighted President George H. W. Bush has been more than twenty years ago!

But what is the solution?

First of all, it is important to solve the Ukrainian crisis peacefully. There are so many wars in this world raging now. Ending the Ukrainian civil war would be a great start to show that it is possible to end a war peacefully. With ending the Ukrainian civil war as an example it may be possible to end the Syrian war, too. And Russia is interested to end the ISIS assault to the western world. So this is a great chance.

How can we achieve this?

The Ukrainian leaders have the goal to get in control again over all Ukrainian territory. Listening to them, this can only be achieved with weapons delivered by the United States. We all know, this is not feasible with the rebels unlimited support of Russian weapons. There is no chance to win. This approach may end up in a third World War. The only winners will be the weapon manufacturers, the Ukrainian people have to suffer the most.

Nowadays everybody knows that successful solutions are starting inside our mind - and that mind has to be changed.

First a question:
What is more important, saving the lives of another thousands of people, or getting control again over all Ukrainian territory?
I encourage you to agree, that saving the lives of innocent people should always be the highest goal to achieve!

What can we do to save the lives of innocent people? This should be a no-brainer, if we are the ones, who are killing them. The answer is: stop killing!

This is the truth the Ukrainian government has to accept.
Stop killing!
The only way to stop killing is to really stop killing.
That means, unilateral stopping to kill. An unilateral drawing back of Ukrainian troops, ending this war by pulling Ukrainian troops out of East Ukraine.

This will be a step nobody expects. The rebels soon will find out that they are the only ones who are fighting. Negotiations about the future of the Ukraine can start. The Ukraine has a great history, and in the past the Ukrainian territory has been changed several times.
Peaceful negotiations will give a new shape to the Ukraine, resulting in a peaceful living together.

Last but not least, neither Napoleon nor Hitler could force the Russians to give up. Sanctions brought down Russians economy, but they didn't work to enforce Russians to change their mind. On the contrary, sanctions destroy all the great work which was done over the last twenty years to uplift Russia after ending the Cold War, which was proclaimed on February 1, 1992 in Washington, D.C., by President George Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin.


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