Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Iran Nuclear Deal - Joint Comprehensive Plan

All over the news are reports about the the Iran Nuclear Deal, called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Main point:
Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop, or acquire any nuclear weapons.

But there are Pro's and Con's, and this is not an easy situation for somebody who has to decide to accept or not to accept this deal. Reading and hearing what people think, there are three options on the table:

Deal - No Deal - War 

Looks like President Benjamin Netanyahu is right in some of his claims concerning the negotiation results.

Following his opinion, it is a bad deal - but starting a war is much, much worse.

A war never should be started.
War means: "Game over". 

And the third alternative, no deal, may be the real start of the Iranians making something up like a nuclear weapon, even if it never may get done ready.

This is not an easy situation. It's some kind of a deadlock.


Looking at these three options - deal, no deal, war - the deal is the best of these three options. It's like the outcome of the negotiations between the EU bosses and Greek's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras some days ago - he has chosen to take the deal to avoid worse results.

So, we have to take this deal to avoid worse results, and there is hope:

If you look at these people on the streets of Tehran, look at their excitement about the outcome of these negotiations! They are happy to see a better future. Remember the people in Germany when the Second World War had ended. They where rejoicing to see the American Soldiers as their liberators and rescuers. The United States treated the Germans well, and enemies became friends. This may - or let's better say: will - happen between Iran and the United States. Germany will follow suit. Everybody here is expecting big business, everybody there is expecting a better life.

Times will change. Life will change. Trade brings change.

Older Iranians remember Shah Reza Pahlavi with his pervasive surveillance by his CIA connected SAVAK, but they hope these times will never come back.

Everybody will be happy about this new situation except Israel and Saudi Arabia, may be. But that may change, too. Give peace a chance!

People in Iran will not allow the making of a nuclear bomb when feeling that their living circumstances have changed to the better.

That may sound like appeasement, well known by Chamberlain after visiting Hitler, but times have changed. The people of Iran like to live like normal people again.

They accept Western Values, they like Coca Cola and Jeans.

Let's them have it!